DFO: Services

The proposed model is a real Dislocated Foreign Office, with features, benefits and services of its technical in- office staff

  • Home base of the your Company
  • Secretarial services in French, English, Italian
  • Show room
  • Presentation of the different criteria according to the North American or European markets
  • Advice in commercial and legal matters as well as fiscal management processing
  • Information prior to future trade relation partnerships, such as: solvency, turnover, territorial operations criteria, etc.
  • Basic services which are immediately required for true support for the daily activities of the SMEs.

The Foreign Office solution will be supported by feature dissemination and accessibility through constant reports based on internet technology. For small and medium companies, this complete package of services which is provided, as well as the ability to accompany their economies towards new goals of efficiency and quality, is I.A.E. Inc. asset, despite the challenge.