Dislocated Foreign Office

Domiciliation of your company in Europe or Canada.

Efficiency and quality are our primary goals, those that govern our modus operandi and those that are developed in specific services such as the Dislocated Foreign Office.

Our operating model

The DFO is a model of innovative tools and services for companies through which one can develop, either for themselves, for business relationships and obtain guaranteed financial success in the North American and European markets.
An innovative business system will give impetus to the economic development of the individual entrepreneur and all resources that are made available to SMEs with the connected services.

I.A.E. Inc. cements all possible opportunities for the North American and European markets by offering each client a foreign office dedicated and efficient staff with accessible operating costs and without the burden of needing to prepare and manage their own structures from the ground up.


Direct relationship

Direct relationship with the company and its enactment, a Foreign Office that handles all research activities of the enterprise: these businesses are expected to generate new jobs and employment


New partners, technologies and /or new models for operational methodologies, productions and/or business opportunities

Management services

In accordance with a organizational platform as well as a technological modular. Also included is technical advice and highly professional administration

Custom support

Coordination with services and activities of the various Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations to ensure a synergistic operation in the markets


Implementation of vocational training activities. The proposal is customized for each company member and may also be enriched with more specific projects in any area by finding regional contributions

Regional strategy

Development of SMEs


Promotion of goods and services produced in the territory